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A photo shoot with this light in the Barossa Valley is truly amazing, in the golden hour on a sunny Autumn afternoon. Combine that with a stunning golden foliage backdrop and this gorgeous, smiley six month old (with the coolest mohawk), his awesome parents and lovely grandparents and you get my idea of a perfect shoot!

J, thank you so much for traveling from Adelaide for this shoot, it was a privileged to be able to spend some time with you and your lovely family on your very first Mother’s Day!



Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0117 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0118 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0123Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0124


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I was lucky enough to photograph this awesome family for a second time, this time with a new family member.

This photo shoot was filled with so much wonderful energy, craziness and giggles………just like last time I photographed them.  I smiled to myself the entire drive home thinking about the beach races, shell collecting and epic castle building fun that I had with these amazing kiddos and their lovely Mummy.










I spent an amazing Sunday with this beautiful family.

They drove from Adelaide to the Barossa especially for their family photo shoot, we had lunch, toured the Barossa Valley a little and then we ran around and played on the grass.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the perfect Autumn sunshine.

Nat and Adam, thank you for the visit. Leo is a very lucky little boy to have two such attentive and loving parents. Capturing your gorgeous little family right here in Angaston was a fantastic idea and I’m so happy that I got to spend that time with you and grinning Mr Leo!


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I hope that some of what I wrote in my first post of Tips on how to rock your family pictures (you can read it here) have helped some of you to prepare for your upcoming family photo shoots! Here are a few more tips that I thought I would share to make sure that you are fully prepared for your shoot!

What time is best?

The best time of the day for photographs is just after sunrise and before sunset. At these times of the day the sun is lower, less harsh and has optimal light for great images. Most families opt for morning shoots as the kids are ‘fresher,’ less exhausted and happier in the morning but it all depends on what works with your family.

Expect the unexpected

As a mother, I know that things don’t always go to plan and that occasionally children may not be in the mood for photos.  That’s ok, it happens all the time and we can work with that!

Children will pick up if you are tense or stressed and it will also come across in the photographs.

Kids will be kids, one of the things I love most about working with kids is that they are unpredictable. Be prepared for tantrums, for fast-moving energy filled kids, and general chaos!  That is the beauty of having family photos, you will be able to look back on them and remember exactly how life was and what funny quirky stage your kids were going through at the time!

The best way to prepare kids is to talk with them before your shoot and let them know what will be happening.

Things that can come in handy at a family photo shoot

  • It’s a great idea to bring a change of clothes for small children, we all know how easily they can get dirty or have an ‘accident’.
  • Bring baby wipes, dummies/comfort toys, but only bring toys/comforters that you are happy to appear in the photos.
  • Some snacks for little ones, but please don’t bring any food or drinks that could stain their clothes, teeth or face (like coloured drinks or lollies).
  • Willingness to be silly. Kids love it when parents are silly and play and have fun with them and that’s exactly what you want to capture in family photos.


There is just one last thing that you need to remember………..relax and have some fun!


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I have been meaning to blog this sweet little family session for quite some time, but better late than never, right?

I look at these photographs and I smile. I’m so thankful that I was able to capture this lovely family at such an important time in their lives. In these images I see the love and chaos of having a three week old baby and an almost three year old. I love that these images tell the story and truth of how their life was right there and then.







Stacey and Shannon, thank you for spending the  hot afternoon with me and letting me capture some fun and crazy moments with your gorgeous growing family. Little Kodah is beautiful and I’m sure she will be chasing around her big sister before you know it!  I’m sure that Imogen will end up on the stage, she is quite the entertainer and I can honestly say that I did not stop laughing once with her Peppa Pig impersonations, ballet dancing and all of her cheekiness keeping me entertained.



Barossa Valley Family Photographer | Barossa Valley Baby Photographer | Barossa Valley Photographer

It’s so important to capture those little details that can be forgotten in the blur of the first few months of welcoming you new little one into the family.

That little foot that stretches out from the wrap after a feed.

That tight grip they have when offered a finger to hold.

The brand new hair sprouting from their little head.

Those little details tell such a beautiful story.




Barossa Valley Newborn Photographer | Barossa Valley Baby Photographer | Barossa Valley Family Photographer


full of waiting,

of wonder and anticipation,

of worry and delight.



Barossa Valley Newborn Photographer | Barossa Valley Baby Photographer | Barossa Valley Maternity Photographer

The first question that I get asked after booking a family session is “What should we wear?” I have been shooting families for a few years now and have seen what does and doesn’t come out well in photographs. I hope that these tips will help all Mum’s stress less and help them feel confident that what they dress the family in will look great in their photographs.

It looks best in photos if everyone’s outfits complement each other, (this most definitely doesn’t mean ‘matchy- matchy’), we don’t want clothing to dominate the portrait. It is best if all outfits are a similar tone (pick a tone/colour and then pair it with a neutral).

To avoid distractions stay away from big lines, logos and graphics but definitely have some fun with your accessories. Accessories like scarves, belts and jewelry are a fab way to introduce colour and awesome textures to your outfit.

When my family had our portraits done, I found that picking my outfit was the most difficult. With that in mind, I’d recommend that Mum’s pick their favourite dress or outfit that they are comfortable in and then build the rest of the family’s outfits from there.

The beautiful (and very clever) Mummy in the photos below knew that she was decorating her lounge room with red accessories, so she brought red into her family photos.  That way, when she she hung her large family portraits on her lounge room walls, they looked fantastic and complemented the rest of the room. Something you may want to keep in mind when choosing outfits.

Relax, Be Comfortable

The most important thing to remember when having a family shoot is to be ‘you.’ One way to put a husband that isn’t feeling great about family portraits (trust me, a lot don’t), at ease is letting them and the rest of the family just ‘be themselves’.

I love taking photos of families that have fun at their shoots and are real, after all, you’re getting family photos so you remember this particular time in your life. When you look at images of families having fun and being themselves it shows through in the pictures and makes for some amazing memories whenever you look at your portraits up on your walls!

Check back soon for part two of tips on how to rock your family photographs!


It was a crisp Barossa morning when I met with these two gorgeous local boys and their lovely Mummy.

I first photographed this lovely family when big brother Xav was only eight months old and it was such a privilege to be asked to do it again. It was awesome to see what a little character he has grown into. Such a happy, friendly little man and so full of cheekiness and fun.

I think that cheekiness definitely runs in the family as little bro Hamish definitely has his fair share, as you can see in these images!



Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0040 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0043Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0036


Just a quick sneaky peek of Happy Hamish playing on a cool Barossa morning. There are so many more that I will share soon!