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Green rolling hills, beautiful Winter afternoon light and a happy fun family = perfect afternoon.


Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0141Barossa Photographer


Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0156 Barossa Photographer Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0157



Photographing this little family was an absolute pleasure and we played and giggled through the entire shoot. I can’t wait to meet their new addition soon!

This gorgeous little dude Cooper, soon to be a big brother, rolled up to the shoot in his Mini Cooper – by far the best entrance to a shoot that I have ever seen! What a character!








When scheduling an outdoor portrait session with Fresh Imagery, you may notice that we recommend shooting during a very precise time of day – generally the last sixty to ninety minutes before the sun has completely set.
This special window known to photographers as “The Golden Hour” is the period of time when the light from the sun is at its most perfect. With its long rays diffused across the entire sky, the light creates a flattering glow and shimmer for picture perfect skintones and deliciously warm portraits.
During midday, when every ray of the sun seems to find its way to our delicate, overexposed skin, the shadows created are usually too deep in contrast to the glare. Instead of fighting the harsh light, it’s better to schedule outdoor shooting during the Golden Hour when the sun still works its magic—but in our favour.
You can book your Golden Hour shoot with Bridgette by clicking here.

As Winter is in full swing right now, this is what our outside play time looks like…………..

Beanies and jackets, chasing sunshine and climbing trees. Oh and plenty of laughs!

Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0138 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0137




Thank you so much to all of the lovely friends and families out there that nominated love ones for Fresh Imagery’s ‘Giving back some sunshine’ family shoot.

The response was overwhelming and I was brought to tears so many times reading through the unbelievable stories of these brave and deserving families.

I wish I could gift a shoot and digital images to each of these families, but sadly I can’t.

However, as I have two gorgeous mini assistants, (who may or may not have started fighting and arguing over who got to pull a name out of the hat), I decided to do two name draws and giveaway two family shoots complete with all of the digital images! Yay!

Ok, so now I need you to imagine a really cool drumroll……………..

…..congratulations to Natasha & Dion and family and also Kylee & Ben and family!

I’m really, really looking forward to talking to you guys soon and organising your family shoots!


Fresh Imagery Barossa Photographer copy



Fresh Imagery is looking for a family who needs some sunshine put back into their lives. Do you know a family that is having a hard time at the moment?

We would like to help by giving one family a complimentary photo shoot and full resolution digital images from their shoot!

All you have to do is send a message on our contact form here or send an email to with a sentence or two as to who you are nominating (it can be yourself and your family or a friend of yours), and why you think they deserve some love from Fresh Imagery.

Please include the names of each family member and your contact email address and phone number so that we can get in touch.

All of the names of the nominated families will be put into a hat and one lucky family will receive a complimentary photo shoot and the full resolution digital images from their photo shoot.

Please get your nominations in by midnight Friday 20th June 2014.

Please note that the shoot will take place at an amazing location in the Barossa (yet to be determined) before 31st August 2014.


Fresh Imagery Barossa Photographer

A photo shoot with this light in the Barossa Valley is truly amazing, in the golden hour on a sunny Autumn afternoon. Combine that with a stunning golden foliage backdrop and this gorgeous, smiley six month old (with the coolest mohawk), his awesome parents and lovely grandparents and you get my idea of a perfect shoot!

J, thank you so much for traveling from Adelaide for this shoot, it was a privileged to be able to spend some time with you and your lovely family on your very first Mother’s Day!



Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0117 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0118 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0123Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0124


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This sweet little man took my hand and led me around his Tanunda property showing me all the things that he loves to look at.

He is at such a fun age, and it was awesome to see his little world through his eyes and collecting little treasures as we went. What a fab way to spend a sunny early morning, I love having photo shoots all around this beautiful Barossa Valley.


Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0127 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0130 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0126 Fresh-Imagery-Barossa-Child-Photographer_0129


I was so lucky to visit the beautiful Streaky Bay on our Easter family road trip. We were blessed with the most perfect weather for our entire stay.

I can’t stop day-dreaming about this amazing place and I’m looking forward to the next time I get to watch a breathtaking Streaky Bay sunset.


Streaky Bay, South Australia Photo by


I was lucky enough to photograph this awesome family for a second time, this time with a new family member.

This photo shoot was filled with so much wonderful energy, craziness and giggles………just like last time I photographed them.  I smiled to myself the entire drive home thinking about the beach races, shell collecting and epic castle building fun that I had with these amazing kiddos and their lovely Mummy.