The first question that I get asked after booking a family session is “What should we wear?” I have been shooting families for a few years now and have seen what does and doesn’t come out well in photographs. I hope that these tips will help all Mum’s stress less and help them feel confident that what they dress the family in will look great in their photographs.

It looks best in photos if everyone’s outfits complement each other, (this most definitely doesn’t mean ‘matchy- matchy’), we don’t want clothing to dominate the portrait. It is best if all outfits are a similar tone (pick a tone/colour and then pair it with a neutral).

To avoid distractions stay away from big lines, logos and graphics but definitely have some fun with your accessories. Accessories like scarves, belts and jewelry are a fab way to introduce colour and awesome textures to your outfit.

When my family had our portraits done, I found that picking my outfit was the most difficult. With that in mind, I’d recommend that Mum’s pick their favourite dress or outfit that they are comfortable in and then build the rest of the family’s outfits from there.

The beautiful (and very clever) Mummy in the photos below knew that she was decorating her lounge room with red accessories, so she brought red into her family photos.  That way, when she she hung her large family portraits on her lounge room walls, they looked fantastic and complemented the rest of the room. Something you may want to keep in mind when choosing outfits.

Relax, Be Comfortable

The most important thing to remember when having a family shoot is to be ‘you.’ One way to put a husband that isn’t feeling great about family portraits (trust me, a lot don’t), at ease is letting them and the rest of the family just ‘be themselves’.

I love taking photos of families that have fun at their shoots and are real, after all, you’re getting family photos so you remember this particular time in your life. When you look at images of families having fun and being themselves it shows through in the pictures and makes for some amazing memories whenever you look at your portraits up on your walls!

Check back soon for part two of tips on how to rock your family photographs!


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